Welcome to the Mutemath WikiEdit

Hello, and welcome to the MuteMath wiki! Here, everyone is free to be able to edit their own pages. Anyone who is willing to help out my wiki can start off by creating their own pages here. Everyone is able to:

  • chat with friends
  • add photos and videos to the wiki
  • earn badges and much more....

If you need help with anything on this wiki, feel free to leave a message on my talk page. Thanks and have fun editing!


About The MuteMath Wiki

If you want to learn more about the wiki, please take the time to read this:

The MuteMath wiki talks about the band, MuteMath. Here you can be able to create your very own pages and can post some pictures and videos to your pages/edits. You can also be able to chat with other people on this wiki. If you want, you can be able to join this wiki. You can also look at the lyrics of the songs and see their music videos (if they have any). You can be able to help out by adding things to different pages. In addition, you can post comments on how the wiki is so far, or your opinions on the edits on this page. If you still have trouble on this wiki, feel free to leave a message on my talk page.


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